Monday, 23 July 2012

Pink or Purple?

So I can't decide if this is colour is pink or purple, but it is gorgeous!! I have been in love with really bright shades this summer, and I think this one gets the award for brightest polish. It is perfect for summer. It's a feel good colour :)

China Glaze calls it purple ("Purple Panic Neon"), but I think it looks more pink when it's on. You should try it, it's a fun one!


  1. Thats soooo definitley pi... pur.. pinple?! HA! I can't decide! At a push though, maybe pink? Whatever colour it is, its gorgeous!

  2. That is so pink! I don't know about purple! :P Very nice color though! <3

  3. ADORE this pink!! i will def get this next time im at the drugstore!!

    love K