Monday, 16 July 2012

Sparkle Tips

This is one of the easiest manicures you can do at home. It's super fast to do (the glitter polish is very fast-drying), and it only takes two coats of glitter polish to get this look!

The polish I used here is O.P.I.'s "Crown Me Already", and it worked really well! This polish is a really heavy glitter, and when I first bought it I wasn't sure exactly how to use it to its best advantage. But I feel like I really found the perfect use for it in this look!

To get this look, I did one base coat, and then covered that with a translucent nude polish. When that was dry, I covered 3/4 of my nails with the glitter polish, trying to avoid the bigger chunks of glitter. I think it looks better with only the very small sparkles on this layer. I then did a second layer of the glitter polish on the tops of my nails. Then a top coat of course to smooth over the sparkles, an this is what I got!

Try this today, it's super easy and it really does look great!


  1. I love the gradients. How do you people do them so flawlessly. I try and try.

    p.s. How do I follow your blog? I don't see the option. I'm new to blogging so paitience is required :P

  2. I added the "Followers" widget. Click on it to follow me :)